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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  February 10, 2015 3:30pm-4:01pm PST

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a tumble down an escalator ends up trapping -- >> a small 2-year-old and her mother. >> see the panicked rush to set them free. you take a selfie and a drone, put them together -- >> and you get the drony. >> the astounding rul of one clever idea. it's a genius contraption even though -- >> how this dad said no reverse gear no problem. >> the buzz word for your new shot at a new ipad mini. and a dude with a needle -- >> portraits of people. >> the freaky art project you
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can frame. >> like the hair you pull from your drain. >> it's a busier day than usual in the passenger terminal where a seemingly simple situation escalates quickly no pun intended. you can see here that people start falling on this escalator. a piece of luggage falls in and it becomes quickly a huge dog pile of people on the escalator. you see a security guard come running up and over and you see here, the escalator actually stops. not only that a small 2-year-old and her mother are both caught with their hands in the edge of this escalator as they fell down. of course they're supporting their weight on their hands. people sort of falling on top. now they're there and they need rescuing. >> how does that still happen? i thought that these escalators by now had been made safe. >> you're seeing these rescue experts from china coming along and trying to work while they're
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here. you can see just how scared the little one is. mom, i know. it's heartbreaking. mom, of course distraught as well. eventually after the jaws of law, you can see her little hand there. it actually doesn't look too bad. you see nurses here immediately start dressing the young one's hand. they're both taken to the hospital. you can see just how much they pulled it apart. you can also see there is some blood on it but it wasn't by the looks of it all that serious. it was just at the same time terrifying. i feel like the guy driving this jeep may not completely know the limits of his jeep. >> [ bleep ] >> yeah, no sharp turns on such a boxy car. >> the jeep is out there with a bunch of other off road vehicles. a couple of utvs and other motorcycles.
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the jeep completely flips over. apparently that's alonzo's jeep. alonzo suffered -- >> no injuries. >> a tiny scratch of the hand. >> that's why you invent roll bars. >> the thing rolls right over back on to its wheels. >> i actually like it more. >> you know the phrase necessity is the mother of invention, correct? well what do you do if you need to go in reverse, but you don't have a reverse gear anymore? >> go to a mechanic? >> not' expensive. >> you genius! oh well-done, sir. >> looks like two metal pipes and a chain. >> just the chain. some pvc pipe. some threaded rod. he hooks the chains on to holes that were already in the
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chastity of the vehicle. >> so cool! >> this is in russia. it is quite a distance from the water. what you're seeing here is a baby seal. this thing needs to be rescued. it is in a sand pitt. it's surrounded by stray dogs. >> how do they even get there in the first place? >> like he was just dropped off there. >> but there you could see somebody from an animal agency came to rescue this little guy. they're not allowed to touch these little seal pups, but the guy takes off his jacket wraps the little guy up and puts him in a basket because they're taking it to a rescue group and there you can see them offer him some frozing fish. but when they got a hold of him, they say he had roundswounds to his face his ears and flippers and he wasn't that great of shape. but they turned him over to a rescue group. so his prognosis from there i'm sure is pretty good.
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>> how did they realize that that that pack of dogs had surrounded a seal pup. this is in the good old united states. >> they say there's something wrong with the shell of this thing. these have been attacked by an alligator or maybe hit by a car. but whatever it is this turtle not exactly down with the rescue. watch what happens. >> that turtle can move pretty quickly. but eventually they do grab a hold of it. >> i got the turtle. that's a nice one.pond. got lily pads. fishes. >> so cute. >> he is so cute. >> all right. come on. >> all right. guess what everybody. it's about time for us to give away another ipad mini.
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>> all you need is monday's buzz word. you need to be at least 18 years old and a legal u.s. resident. >> monday's buzz word is coming up. >> the ipad mini giveaway is coming right back. 2014 was the year of the selfie. also arguably the year of the drone. put them together in 2015 and you get the dronie. put together by would have been my good buzzddies alex. you may remember alex because we launched one of his videos that went extremely viral. selfie 360. crowds traveled the world and took 360 selfies all over. alex sent his newest video to me because it's debuting today. he said nick thanks for sharing my first video, it went viral. now let's do it again. >> and now he's in mexico.
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i like this one. >> in the state of vera cruz. look at these different dronies, he's setting up the camera firing it up, and off he goes. >> he's not only in the shot but so was this amazing scenery. >> i like this one! >> how did he not hit those people? >> alex is a world traveler. he's been all over the place. his pictures his video always fun to watch. always capturing the human spirit of the place that he's in. the beauty that he's surrounded by here in vera cruz is also stunning. >> i want to go with him to be next trip. >> you want to be his travel buddy, you really do. >> a new tanning salon opens up and the people start flocking
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these guys are on the street handing out free tan coupons. >> i'm talking about a tanning salon. >> these people have got their vouchers. they start walking in to get their tans. but then you see the confusion on their face. >> oh, my gosh. >> they've walked into a funeral. when you see what's on the coffin, their picture. it's the picture that they took in and it says basically nice to know you. >> oh, my gosh. this is a big old punch in the gut. >> for real. the reason they're doing this is
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every year, 10,000 americans die of melanoma and there are some studies that say just one tanning experience like that increases your chance of melanoma by 20%. >> wow. >> this was supposed to be a gut-punch. >> that is chilling. >> that is so scary. >> it's kind of extreme, but i think it really does make the point. >> how do you feel walking into this? >> i felt terrible for him. for me. >> it was frightening and real. >> there's no like escaping this. >> this is my first time tanning. after this never again. >> i'm calling this luna's choice. luna this lovely little dog you see right there. luna has three choices of things to eat. >> chips. piece of broccoli. or $5. >> i'm taking bets. what do you think luna will choose? >> i hope that she goes for the broccoli. my bet is on the $5 bill
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though. >> maybe this dog is so smart, she's going to get the $5 bill. >> what's it going to be? >> broccoli? >> she doesn't even finish it with the nacho chaser. >> choosing health. well-done, luna. >> you're a healthy dog. >> this was posted by josh. happens to be the owner of juice's juice bar. he read the book to luna about healthy eating choices and he said after he read her the book that's when she made the decision to have the broccoli. then we go from luna to this cute little kitty. this kitty has seen snow for the first time. and how is kitty going to react? this cat is just laser focused on this. >> if that window was open that cat would have been yea! >> they love stuff that just moves unpredictably, like a snowflake. they're just going let me outside, let me outside, let me
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outside! >> this video focuses on doing your makeup in your car with an annoying girlfriend. >> it's been like super highly requested that i do a how to do your makeup in the car tutorial thing, because, like, when you're going somewhere and you're like oh, my god, i have to do my makeup i can totally do this in the car. >> i'm really annoyed already. >> the whole time she does not shut up. >> a little makeup on right now, because like who the [ bleep ] just has no makeup on. ew like gross. i'm going to poke myself in the eye. don't worry if you get to where you're going and you are missing an eye. like maybe get a new driver. >> diva! >> she must have seen somebody like this. >> she's seen these videos. she knows this girl. >> i mean we're getting somewhere. where, i don't know. >> she does manage to apply the
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makeup. >> oh, my gosh! >> they come out extra hairy looking because you can't control your hands. i don't even know who gave you your license. like someone who was drunk at the [ bleep ] dmv. >> you almost need ibuprofen after you watch the video because it gives you a headache. it's hard to watch. >> [ bleep ] >> if you want to see the whole thing, and it's a whole lot of this write to the show or go to the mobile app. >> it's about time for a little real or fake. >> that is terrible fake! >> three videos one great prank. >> i wanted to try that to her for so long. >> see what you think. real or fake, next. and it's just about time for you to enter to win an ipad mini. we're giving one away "right this minute."
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>> maybe this was a real elaborate setup. >> i wanted to try that to christiane for so long. >> revenge would be evil, nick. >> i think this is fake. he doesn't duck. >> i think that's a completely different, actually. >> i'm going to go with christiane. a vine channel that's pretty popular. he sets up pranks. this prank was set up and the guy just did such a good acting job, it looked pretty real.
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>> i don't think the guy knew. >> i think we need the "right this minute" viewers to help us on this one. >> that would be interesting. >> video number two. >> in this video, they're going to attempt to catch a fish using a lego as bait. >> that is sick. >> you're definitely real. >> he was as surprised as we are. >> he seems to get a good giggle out of it. >> real. >> real. >> good job, guys. they actually went out there to see if they could catch a fish with a lego. they did it. 100% real. you guys nailed it. >> how dumb do you feel if you're that fish? not only did you fall for a lure you fell for a lego lure. >> maybe it was the piece he needed. >> all right video number three. >> obviously one of the main drawing points of the house is the beautiful backyard but main ly the glorious pool.
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>> it's very efficient. >> that is terrible! fake! >> fake. >> the real estate thing is a fake, too. this is his parents' house. he's been trying to make a viral hit for years. it's not going well for him. this right here is just a flaw. >> one of the weirder trends i have to be honest the boxing videos. people just shoot themselves opening something. this is one which has been up loaded to click hole that's slightly different. >> i'm pretty excited to crack it open and see who's inside. >> i didn't know you could mail order those. >> on delivery, they say you're looking at one to two weeks. for me it was right in the
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middle. nine days. >> my initial impression is that she's very pretty and has very kind eyes. definitely seems like someone i could share through the years. >> i'm really scared that someone is going to realize this is not a joke. >> so they do come with a manual. >> let's see if they've got anything in their pockets here. >> yeah the earbuds. >> no one breaks character. >> everyone sticks to it. >> get ready because it is time for us to give away another ipad
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mini. >> to enter, it's simple. you just need the buzz word. you need to be at least 18 years old and a legal u.s. resident. >> then you head over to >> enter the buzz word. you can do it every single day. >> it's time for us to reveal monday's buzz word. it is -- "genuine." >> so head on over to, click on the win ipad button and enter today's buzz word genuine. >> and get this, one day later this week is bonus giveaway day. you're going to have to watch every single day. >> you genuinely are. >> good luck. he's the guy creates art art. see how he's giving a whole new meaning to personal portraits. onone e sasay y buburnrn? trtry y alalkaka s seleltztzerer r releliefchews. ththeyey w worork k jujustst a as s fafast anand d arare e prprovovenen t to o tataste better ththanan t tumums s smsmooooththieies s asassorted fruit. mmm... a amamazizingng..
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hy it's so funny.
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>> are we there yet? are we there yet? are we there yet? are we there yet? are we there yet? are we there yet? >> art is art. this kind of art is freaking even me out. this is what he's creating portraits. directly on his hand. >> watching people in the background. like hmm. >> when he's done, he actually tears the portrait off his hand so the skin comes with it. he frames it.
3:58 pm
then it looks like the hair you pull from your drain. >> what point is he using to justify this crazy? >> how do you figure out you do that? >> he doesn't have money for canvas. >> does he say how long in between each portrait it takes for him to grow the skin back? >> six weeks. it takes him four hours to create the portrait on his hand. once he tears it off, he has to wait six weeks before he can do the next portrait. >> that's it for us here at "right this minute." thanks for joining us and we'll see you next time.
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>> or delayed in the shooting at all. you would thi


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